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Data Backup
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Nerd Vault is a comprehensive data backup solution enabling businesses to easily backup their files, data and information both on site and at a remote offsite location.

Nerd Vault periodically monitors selected folders looking for changes. When a change is detected, it is immediately extracted, compressed, encrypted, and then securely

transferred to our secure online backup data center. If you get a virus, lose your laptop or your server crashes, you can recover your data immediately.
Nerd Vault is simple, secure, and fully automatic.

What would happen if you lost your critical data?

Today’s office, even a small one, has vital business data that when lost could mean catastrophe – even losing your business. Don’t wait for the worst to happen before you protect your precious company data. Our Certified Nerds can assess your business’ requirements and recommend a solution to help you rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.

With Nerd Vault, your data can easily and quickly be retrieved in the event of disaster or even just an accidental keystroke, so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure. In addition to storing the data offsite, your data will be encrypted as it is sent to the offsite Nerd Force backup location for added protection. There is no software to learn, install or maintain and all plans come with 24/7 support.

No Tapes. No Hassles.

Manual tape backup has proven to be extremely error-prone with failure rates as high as 50%. Compounding this risk is the complex and time-consuming nature of tape backup particularly for businesses with limited IT resources.

The Nerd Vault Solution lets you retain full control of your data protection while cost-effectively outsourcing the data backup, offsite storage and recovery tasks. Nerd Vault is a tape-free backup and recovery service that allows you to focus on your business, not backup.
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Feature Rich Product

  • Block-Level backups: only the changes to files are uploaded requiring less storage and transfer
  • Locked File Support: In use files such as Outlook .pst files and databases can be easily backed up.
  • Unlimited Revisions and Retentions: Users can store files according to multiple revision rules with infinite retention period. Unless you specify your data will never be deleted
  • Native support for MS-SQL and Exchange: Utilizing Microsoft’s best practices
Hardened Back-end
  • Mirrored Tier 4 Datacenters
  • Diverse yet replicated datacenters in Boston and Los Angeles
  • SAS 70 Type II certified
  • SOX and HIPAA compliant
  • AES 256-Bit Encryption, transferred via 128-bit SSL transport
Managed Support
  • Supported by Nerd Force helpdesk: Helpdesk can assist in; account creation, backup status, creation, restore support, and other. Once the client is installed and online, helpdesk can remotely manage the backup software without onsite support or remote tools.
  • Strong reporting and communication of Backup status and completion.
  • Did you know that 60% of all data back up by tape is not usable?

For your business, data loss is disastrous. Nerd Force offers Big Business level Data Back-up and Recovery services for your company’s critical applications. Via a single point of connection to your Network, all Applications Servers, PCs and Notebooks can be scheduled for automatic

back-up at convenient and regular intervals.

Industry analysts estimate that a majority of tape back ups fail to properly restore company data.

You don’t want to learn that your present solution is not able to protect your critical information when a disaster has occurred.

You no longer need to manage daily tape back ups, move tapes off-site and face the risk of a 60% failure rate!

Without interrupting your daily business, we will transfer your Data off-site to our world class Data Center, where it is available for instant restoration. Our solution is particularly effective for organizations with multiple or remote site locations.

Back-ups are reliable, automatic and totally secure. You can retrieve your data independently any time of day.


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