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The Nerd Force Desktop Management service provides world class technical support tailored to the specific needs of your company. Our Help Desk serves as a central point of contact for all your IT inquiries, including hardware, software, networks, laptop support and remote network access. Our service represents leading edge technology for automated application and data distribution and can be fully integrated with existing IT infrastructures. Our service features the following capabilities:

  • Speed: We resolve the majority of calls within minutes.
  • Accountability: We log all calls into a central database.
  • Software installation and Desktop management anywhere in the world
  • Proven reduction of IT fix costs up to 85%!
  • Central management of all PCs and software assets in the corporate network
  • Automated software distribution: applications, operating systems and security patches
  • Operating system migration, based on any scenarios and procedures.
  • Complete disaster recovery of personal work environments at the push of a button
  • Enterprise-wide inventory of hardware and software
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting package.

Why use the Nerd Force Desktop Management Service

Sources estimate that it costs upwards of $1,000 a year per desktop in technician’s time to provide a comprehensive support service.


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