We at Nerd Force are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our clients. Speed, Price, Quality and Reliability. Our services range from Onsite Support to Remote Support and from Managed Services to Cloud Solutions and all in between.

Onsite Computer and Technology Support

The Nerd Force specializes in on site computer and technology support, seven days a week. We provide services to thousands of customers throughout the country. You can use us on an as-needed basis or ask a Certified Nerd about our Nerd Care Support Plans, both available for a flat price.


The Nerd Force Remote Solutions and Support uses the best existing technology and tools via a fully secured remote connection in troubleshooting problems. With your permission our trained and certified technicians access your computer and solve the problems. Problems such as , registry repair , computer virus and, spyware removal, device driver issues, Web related issues, computer optimization, and Windows security updates are just some of the problems that our technicians can remotely solve.


NERDFORCE offers cost-effective ways for a small to medium size companies to have the technological advantages of a much larger company.
We begin by evaluating your company, your workflow and your specific needs when it comes to your office technology.  Then we put together a customized package of our various professional technological services suited specifically to your company.

Or, if you prefer, you may select services from our various offerings and create the customized package of your choice.


Nerd Vault is a comprehensive data backup solution enabling businesses to easily backup their files, data and information both on site and at a remote offsite location.

Nerd Vault periodically monitors selected folders looking for changes. When a change is detected, it is immediately extracted, compressed, encrypted, and then securely

transferred to our secure online backup data center. If you get a virus, lose your laptop or your server crashes, you can recover your data immediately.
Nerd Vault is simple, secure, and fully automatic.


Wouldn't you like your company's servers to just always work? We will manage your network and computers and correct problems before they become an issue, so that you can get on with what you do best: your business .We proactively maintaining a healthy network environment for your company.


The Nerd Force Desktop Management service provides world class technical support tailored to the specific needs of your company. Our Help Desk serves as a central point of contact for all your IT inquiries, including hardware, software, networks, laptop support and remote network access. Our service represents leading edge technology for automated application and data distribution and can be fully integrated with existing IT infrastructures


We at Nerd force are committed to provide the best and the most professional IT consulting to our clients. Our focus is on the relationship and understanding the needs and expectation of our clients with clearly defined roles both for ourselves and our clients. While we are result oriented and we make sure that the solution should address end user concerns, we believe that the client is the best person to make the final decision. Advisory, technical, business, communication and management skills are part of what we deliver to our clients


Unfortunately, there are elements out there which require us all to protect ourselves against computer viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, malware and more.  These perpetrators can make you susceptible to identity theft and other very invasive violations of privacy.  NERDFORCE is equipped to provide you with software and hardware solutions which will deter such attacks on your security.


Whether your have multiple locations in on state or in several states, Nerd Force has the IT solution. From full managed services or single managed service to cloud solutions and onsite support. With multiple locations, it's very important that the technological factors are consistent, that networks are running smoothly, and that your staff is apprised

of certain procedures. If you have multiple locations, NERDFORCE will make an evaluation of the way I.T. services will best support you and your company. We will implement the best support procedures and make certain that staff in each location is 'on the same page.' Our team is very resourceful and creative, and we're certain that we can offer you the most cost-effective and best solutions.


We at Nerd Force are committed to providing our clients temporary staffing and placement.  We do our outmost effort to deliver the best service by providing the seasoned professional who will dedicate themselves to a high quality performance. Quality staff coupled with Nerd Force support has always resulted in happy and satisfied clients.


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